Someone told a blonde joke near me the other day. It wasn’t to me, it was near me and it was a woman who told the joke. I was sitting in a coffee shop and overheard the joke. I am not blonde, but I was still insulted. It wasn’t the joke necessarily, which I actually didn’t find to be that funny, it was that it was aimed at blonde women. Ever noticed some men have blonde hair but all blonde jokes are about dumb women? 

Blonde jokes are just another way we’re down on women. Whether it’s men or women telling the joke, the joke itself is anti-women in general, not just blonde women. Blonde jokes say women are dumb. Just blonde women you say. Actually, I think they put down all women. They suggest that women are dumb, and with some of those jokes, really dumb. I’ve heard women say “I had a blonde moment.” I’ve never heard a man say that. Men don’t have blonde moments, why do women? It’s not about the hair color, it’s about putting down women and insinuating that women are dumb. The more it’s ingrained in the culture, the more women and men believe it, the more we go with the idea that we are dumb, or sub-par. Don’t believe the hype: women are not dumb and certainly we are not more dumb than men, blonde or not.

Grrl Code: Say no to Blonde Jokes. Don’t tell them and don’t laugh at them. Shouldn’t we have a more sophsticated sense of humor anyway?- I mean really. We could also substitute blonde woman for blonde man, see what happens. 

Let’s look at what light we put women in. All women. When we insult or put down one woman with a certain look, we insult and put down us all.