About the Blogger

Liza Wolff-Francis is a writer, poet, mother, clinical social worker, and activist. Every hat she wears is informed by feminism. She loves the idea that a feminist is a humanist in a sexist world.

Liza blogs at Matrifocal Point, a site which she founded and manages. Matrifocal Point focuses on identifying the patriarchal system as the base for the oppression of women. She believes that when women are dehumanized, they are then at greater risk for violence.

Liza has worked primarily with women and children for approximately 17 years and has been a feminist psychotherapist for ten years after getting her MSW at Smith College School for Social Work. She has worked as a bilingual Spanish/English psychotherapist in the field of rape crisis as well as with children and families in the foster care and treatment foster care systems.

Just after 9-11, she conducted interviews in 2001 of undocumented Mexican immigrants about their experiences crossing the Mexican- U.S. border. She studied the effects of border crossing as traumatic and wrote a play called “Border Rising” incorporating the interviews and history of the Mexico- U.S. border. It was performed in Silver City and Albuquerque, New Mexico as well as in Tucson, Arizona in 2010.

Liza competed on Albuquerque’s poetry slam team at the National Slam Competition in Madison, WI in 2008. Her poetry and writing have been in numerous publications, including:  Border Senses, the Harwood poetry anthology How to: Multiple Perspectives on Creating a Garden, a Life, Relationships and Community, Pitkin Review, The Albuquerque Almanac, Earthships Anthology, Adobe Walls #1, Poets for Living Waters, the Sunday Poem on Duke City Fix, Di-verse-city anthology of the Texas International Poetry Festival, and the blogs: La Palabra: The Word Is A Woman, Writing Water, and the Radical Idea.

In 2011, Liza got her MFA in Creative Writing at Goddard College. She is working on a novel as well as a poetry collection. She lives in Austin, TX.

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