Matrifocal Point is a blog in place to encourage all people to come together to stop the system of patriarchy that hurts us all. It is to acknowledge the amount of violence happening to women worldwide as a direct consequence of women being oppressed. It is to encourage people identifying as women to believe we are valuable enough in our own selves to value other women and to unite to change the system.

The Matrifocal Point:

The world is set up under a patriarchal structure, meaning men have been given power and control over women and everything else, for no reason other than because they are men. This is a systems thing, not an individual guy thing. It doesn’t mean men are bad or even that they aren’t affected by the way the system is set up.

Yes men benefit from their power in patriarchy, but overall, men do not fully benefit from the patriarchal system. They do not benefit from a world where they are most often perpetrators of violence and are also often victims of violence by other men. Men do not benefit when they cannot share equally in power, opportunity, and emotion with women.

The bottom line with Patriarchy is that it hurts women. It stacks the odds against us and it condones ‘power-over others’ at any cost, including by force and violence. It also hurts men. It isn’t something men do. It’s the way the systems we live in are set up and we learn from those systems of society, of government, of religion… Patriarchy hurts us all.

If we were to say, take the men out of power and put women in charge, that wouldn’t be any different of a mentality than patriarchy. Essentially, the opposite of patriarchy is matriarchy. I am not suggesting we create a matriarchal society, but a matrifocal society, where women are considered, respected, and honored by everyone.

To make that happen, women have to unite. Women have to stop hating each other. Patriarchy pits women against each other. It’s the idea of getting the oppressed to fight amongst themselves so they don’t notice what’s really going on and try to stop it. But it’s deep too. The system has us believing we are bitches, hoes, skanks, sex objects, worthless without men, and not good enough in so many ways. We believe it so much that we talk about other women in that way and we don’t think twice about it.

The Matrifocal Point is the point in which there is no violence against women, children, or men. It is the point in which women and men are respected for who they are, not having anything to do with their gender. It is the point in which we all come together to make this world happier and more just for everyone. The Matrifocal Point is the point in which we share with each other, get to know each other, and enjoy this beautiful world together.

This blog is about systems issues (problems with patriarchy), about current events that affect women, about legislation or ideas that help or hurt women, about women who are making a difference in the world, about women’s achievements, and about sexism. It is about what shapes the system of patriarchy and how to change it.

Please subscribe to the blog. Please tell others about it. Please join in the fight. And please send comments or feedback- they are welcomed.

5 thoughts on “About”

  1. This is a great blog by beautiful strong women for beautiful strong women. Please read and spread the word. My friend Liza Wolff writes for this blog 🙂

  2. I am stoked that I finally got to check out this blog! I put a link up on my blog that you can check out here

  3. skylah1053 said:

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