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To those who read my blog!

I have been avoiding writing this for a while and finally, I just have to. I have been really struggling these past few weeks in getting up the motivation to write for this blog. There are so many reasons to write it.

There is the woman in my husband’s class who says she doesn’t like feminism because she doesn’t like labels.

There is New Mexico, where I lived for years before moving to Austin, where they are talking about criminalizing abortion in rape cases because it “tampers with evidence.” What?! I worked at the Rape Crisis Center there for years and know women who both had a child from rape and who had an abortion, both very difficult decisions.

There is John Boehner who is making a huge stink about ending abortion. And all of the people who don’t seem to understand that making abortion illegal, not only dehumanizes women by taking away their rights, it leaves women more vulnerable to back alley abortions. Abortion won’t ever end, but, if this happens, women’s safety will be put at risk. I look at this and see misogyny, plain and simple, the hatred of women.

Women were just granted permission to fight in combat in the military. There is so much to address with this. There’s equality and there’s the fact that military women are at MAJOR risk of being sexually assaulted by their peers. Will that fact change with the new direction of equalizing women?

I could go on.

There are a million reasons to write this blog and so part of me doesn’t want to give it up. I have loved interviewing women and the awesome stories that came from that process. I also love all of you who read it, except the ones who have sent me hate mail (but I doubt you’re reading this now) Ha Ha! I have loved getting to know some of you and the blogs you write. And…I am very honored that people read my feminist rants!

This blog has helped me grow as a writer, as a feminist, as a woman. I needed it during the time I have written it, but now I need to step away from it. In other words: it needs to end, or at least take a hiatus.

I have other projects I am working on and the blog has become something I feel I have to do rather than something I am excited to do. Is the content important to me? Yes! Of course. It always will be. So, who knows? Maybe it’ll resurface at some point. Maybe in this form or maybe in another form- who knows?!

For now, I want to say, Thank you to everyone who reads Matrifocal Point. I wish you well.

In Solidarity, Liza Wolff-Francis