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So, election day is tomorrow. I have a theory.

Both parties (as in the main ones- Democrats and Republicans) reside in a Capitalist country. But, each have different ways of looking at economics, or at least, different beneficiaries. 

To gain power, they have chosen hot-button topics like abortion and rights of same-sex couples to divide the nation so it’s easier to be in favor of one or another and for the nation to be divided. 

In fact, I think neither party really cares about a woman’s right to an abortion. Not as a way of maintaining her autonomy. If it was such a big deal for Republicans to lower abortion rates, they would not advocate for restricting birth control or abstinence education. It is just an issue that sells votes. Same with same-sex marriage, it’s an issue that sells votes.

But what about the people suffering because of these issues put up for argument. Same sex couples who are unable to legally marry, like lesbian couples whose children have to be adopted by the parent who didn’t carry them because their relationship is not recognized.

What about the teenagers who are uninformed about sex, so they have sex without protection and contact a disease, become pregnant, or kill themselves because they are pregnant and see no way out?

What about women? Our bodies are being used as a battleground for voting. We have been called sluts and told that when we are raped it’s not legitimate if it’s not “forcible” or if we get pregnant from it….. What does that do to our rights as people? What does all of this do to raise the level of violence against women?

What about our nation? Are we more divided because these two arrogant political parties have insisted we be that way so that the economic benefits of certain individuals can be maintained?

First we must vote. Then we must demand better government not just based on Capitalist interests. And we must continue to fight for our nation to be great.

Or, maybe both parties are really the same thing and this is all a ruse to make us think as a nation that we’re so “democratic.” Hmm.

Doesn’t matter- Go Vote!