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More than at any other time in my life, in the past year I have asked myself the question: What is big government? And more recently, I have asked: What is trickle down government?

Is it about money?

Is it about taxes? Libraries? Police? Healthcare? Hegemony? Capitalism?

Does it govern my rights? Does it make society better or worse?

The big joke among “Liberals” is that Republicans say they’re not into Big Government or “trickle down government,” but then they try to restrict everyone’s rights. Unfortunately, it’s not a joke.

Over the past two years, one law at a time, Republicans have pushed to change who America is. Anti- women. Anti-gay. Anti-immigrant. Anti-everyone who is not Republican and preferably white and at least middle class, which to them is making up to $250,000 a year.

So wanting to have a country where everyone can eat, where there are libraries, where the police keep the peace, where there is healthcare and education for all, is great- BUT not if it means “big government?”

The Republican agenda has been to pass laws that are against everyone, that promote hate against group after group, and that define who and what is appropriate by radical extreme right wing values. This is causing our nation to be more and more intolerant of difference. That comes out in violence.

We need to be working toward being more tolerant of people, more celebratory of our differences. We need an agenda that works toward this celebration rather than for hate. “Trickle down government” should be something that  makes sense. It should insure the freedom of Americans while keeping us safe and it should keep our society growing together. It should be laws in place to assure us of those things.

Unfortunately, right now, that’s not how the term is being used. It’s a propaganda term, of course, that Republicans seem to be trying to get to be a negative catch phrase. I think they don’t want to say Big government because so many of the laws they have passed over the last few years have been HUGE government- Big Brother in my uterus etc.

Bottom line is the Republican party has put forth and acted on an agenda of hate and fear. Big government is a lie. We are a big nation, mostly governed by fifty individual states. Are we a bunch of United states? Not often.

The Republican party is against government helping people, but they are FOR government making decisions about women’s bodies. They are against same sex couples marrying legally. They are against the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) covering Native American and lesbian and transgendered women for injury against them in cases of violent crimes. They are against the children of immigrants getting education when they have grown up here and have no other opportunities or country to go to. They have stepped in and changed laws against unions that affect workers.

If this isn’t BIG government, then I don’t know what is.

And it’s not just BIG, it’s “trickle down” because it affects me and the society I live in. It takes away women’s right to be autonomous and make our own decisions for ourselves. It increases violence against women and in pushing GLBT Americans to be seen as bad by not recognizing them or giving them full rights, encourages hate crimes. This trickle down Republican government sees immigrants as criminals and their children as moochers.

I’ve watched the debates. I don’t know Mitt Romney personally and in some ways, I can see how he might not be a bad guy, but the party he is running for has been progressively over the past two years, taking away rights from women, GLBT Americans, and poor people.

This Big Government the Republicans are pushing promotes hate against more than half of our nation and against much of the world.  I worry this is putting us ALL in danger and I am terrified my rights will be slowly taken away. Please consider that Obama may not be perfect and he actually has not had a good record with immigration issues other than the Dream Act, but overall, the Republican option could leave us all with a more unjust world and greater hatred of each other.