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After watching the debates last night, I have to say, now I’m nervous. Romney has been saying such absurd things, like not caring about 47% of the nation, that I haven’t been as concerned as I was when watching the debates. I honestly didn’t think he had a chance. Sadly, now I’m not sure. And still issues directly affecting women’s rights were MIA.

To put it front and center, Jim Lehrer as moderator was a complete failure. He was unable to keep time, keep the debaters on point, or to keep Romney from answering whatever when he wanted to. A tweet I loved was: Most boring drinking game ever- drink when Lehrer speaks.

That said, Mitt Romney bulldozed the questions and Obama took his time answering, which made Romney look stronger, even though some of what he was saying was untrue. I actually wasn’t particularly impressed with either one of them this round. But I think undecided voters will probably think Romney did better because of his “take charge” attitude.

They talked about the economy and taxes- kind of. And about healthcare- kind of. Romney said his plan covers pre-existing conditions, when it has been stated pretty clearly that it will not.

But what about issues directly affecting women’s rights?

If women are such a big part of the vote this year, when do they talk about the Violence Against Women Act? When do they address a woman’s right to choose whether or not she has an abortion? When do they talk about birth control? When do they address equal pay for equal work? When do they address breast feeding, maternity leave, and the right to say the word vagina on the state senate floor when it’s having legislation passed about it? When do they address the fact that the more women are objectified, the more violence goes up against them?

Seems like we’ve seen where each party stands in the past few months, but I’d like to hear it from the mouths of the candidates how things are going to go down. There’s a lot to cover in just a little time. Will they address the women or will all that stuff just play out when whoever wins is in office?

Debate it out- What about the women?

There’s a lot to cover