The other day someone found my blog who searched: Why is everyone pushing to have an abortion?

No one is necessarily pushing anyone to have an abortion- or at least I hope not. It can only be up to the person who is pregnant to make that decision.

But I think it can be a confusing issue right now and maybe it does seem like everyone’s pushing for that since Republicans are trying to get rid of it and Democrats are trying to keep the right to have a safe abortion if that is what a woman chooses. Things are pretty political right now.

There are often searches on my blog about abortion or why abortion is a big deal.

Sometimes I get tired of this issue- Believe me- I don’t want to write on abortion all the time, but it’s not about abortion. It’s about a woman’s right to choose for her body. When women don’t have that right under the law, we lose the right to make choices for ourselves, for our bodies.

Making choices for our bodies might also be whether or not we want people to be violent against us, whether we are beaten or raped, whether we are burned, what clothes we can wear. This is not just about abortion!

It’s about the right to be a full human being under the laws of society.

In fact- you can be against abortion but still be pro-choice. I want to put that out there for those who wrestle with the issue of abortion, either because you would never have one or your religion says it’s wrong or you just don’t think it should be done. Or for whatever reason- it doesn’t matter- What matters is that you have the right to feel that way and to not have one. But women need to be able to have that choice.

Women must be able to say No, I don’t want one or Yes, I need to have one due to circumstances in my life or the development of the fetus or for my health or for whatever reason. Women need to be able to make that choice because to make choices for ourselves is to say, I am human. I know what I want to do for myself and I can make that decision.

So, Is everyone pushing for an abortion?

No, no one should be pushing for an abortion. Everyone should be pushing for women’s right to decide for herself whether she wants one or not.