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The Republicans continue to say there is no War On Women. I believe this is a tactic of the war. They continue to make attacks on people’s rights as they say we are delusional and there is no War On Women. There is a War On Women, but it’s not just women, it’s a War on Everyone, with specific groups being targeted in the overall interest in conforming America to be a homogeneous group.

This is not only impossible because there are so many different people, it is anti-American. One amazing thing about America is the many different people within our nation. This also means that we have many different families.

This is a War on Everyone and our freedom as individuals.

Why it is not just a War On Women:

* The GOP is pushing legislation that says Native American women and Alaska Native women should not receive the same protection or support from the Violence Against Women act. This puts Native American women at greater risk for more violence. Nationally, Native women are raped and assaulted at 2.5 times the national average. The U.S. Department of Justice has found the current system of justice “inadequate to stop the pattern of escalating violence against Native women.” Although Alaska Natives comprise only 15.2 percent of the population in Alaska, they comprise nearly 50 percent of the victims of domestic violence and 61 percent of the victims of sexual assault. By not protecting Native women, more women, children and families will be hurt.

*The GOP is pushing legislation that keeps immigrant women out of the VAWA act and pushes for them to have no confidentiality so that authorities can call their abusive partners and tell them they want to apply for citizenship. It caps the number of visas available to immigrant victims of violence and will cut options to apply for papers if victims work with law enforcement to stop abusers. This legislation gives abusers more tools to use to abuse immigrant women. This affects immigrant women and their children and other family members.

*The GOP is pushing legislation that excludes LGBT Americans from receiving benefits of VAWA. This is an attack on LGBT Americans. Using the term War On Women doesn’t include people who don’t fit into gender stereotype boxes. This means that a person whose gender identity doesn’t match the role society says is appropriate for their sex, might be identified as transgender but may not identify as women. The GOP changes to VAWA do not help them or protect them from violence. When there is no help available, people may not be able to leave abusive situations.

*The GOP continues to push an agenda that does not include rights and responsibilities for LGBT Americans that other Americans are afforded, like marriage. North Carolina just passed the amendment saying the only unions that will be recognized will be marriages between one man and one woman. Same sex couples are not only unable to marry in North Carolina, their relationships will not be recognized under the law, meaning benefits will be taken from them and their children and families will suffer.

North Carolina is one of 30 states to amend their constitutions in this way. These changes also affect families and partnerships where people are not married but are in committed relationships. It affects gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender, and unmarried heterosexual couples.

Constitutional amendments like the one in North Carolina shape how LGBT people are seen in the country. If they are not afforded the rights of other people, they are seen as inferior and therefore at greater risk for violence.

*The GOP has launched extensive anti-immigrant laws that hurt immigrants and divide their families. Mexican immigrants in particular seem to be the target for these laws. The U.S. has a long history of recruiting Mexicans to work in the U.S. then kicking them out when it’s economically inconvenient for them to be here. Now, there is a major prison system being constructed that will economically benefit, more than any other prison system has benefitted in the past (this is major), from immigrant detention and labor. Companies creating this immigrant-prison system are informing the laws. This is BIG money and will continue to push stricter anti-immigrant laws. Here in a country of immigrants, this is a war on all immigrants.

*It has also been argued that the reproductive rights being taken away from women will mostly affect poor women and poor women of color. Are they included in the category of women? Of course, but if they are being targeted in these laws that take away peoples rights, we need to be clear about who is affected most to further define the tactics of war being used.

For more on how the War On Women language isn’t inclusive, please read the article by scATX: “WhyI Don’t Like the War On Women

The War on Women slogan has caught on, and it is a War On Women, but it is also a war on everyone as all people of our nation are affected by legislation that pushes inequality and fascism. The GOP tries to use “tough love” in order to make people conform to who they want people to be and who they want in the country for what purpose, often (if not always informed by economics- and possibly religion).

When will America stand up for everyone to have rights rather than just a few people? Now is the time.