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North Carolina has amended its state constitution to say “marriage between one man and one woman is the only domestic legal union that shall be valid or recognized in this state.” I have been reading that this is a defeat for gay-rights advocates and want to make a correction: this is a defeat for our entire country and for the world.

The world looks to America to see what we are doing and how we act as a nation for the entirety of our people. The world will see we only care about some people in this country. The world will see we value only heterosexual married couples where each person fits into traditional gender roles.

But aside from the world seeing this, we will see this. The many different people of our nation see that we don’t value, respect, or believe people should have rights. Again we have determined by law that some people are better than others and some couples and families are better or more real or important than others. By doing this, we have framed  our world as one that does not accept lesbian, gay, transgender people. We have said that families can only be defined in one way. We are giving the message to children that hate of difference is okay rather than un-American. For young people this often translates to bullying and violence.

This is a constitutional amendment for the state, which is huge. Same-sex marriage has been illegal in NC for 16 years, but can now only be legalized by another vote by the people.

It is the 30th state in the union to ban same-sex marriage by constitutional amendment. This America is so threatened by difference that we pass laws to say how everyone should be.

Anyone would say, “Everyone’s different.” In North Carolina and 29 other states, when they say it, they mean we all have different fingerprints, they don’t mean some of us are gay, lesbian, transgender, from families that have unmarried parents, or in relationships not currently recognized by the law.

America is signing hate into its state constitutions. By not allowing same sex couples to have equal rights under the law, we are legitimizing the belief only some people hold that gay, lesbian and transgender people are inferior. When people are seen as inferior, they are targets for more violence. We are encouraging hate crimes.

Basically we have made constitutional amendments in 30 states to say it is okay to be violent against people who identify in this way. If America is a country where you cannot live freely without fearing violence against you for who you are, America is not free.

We must stand up for our freedom. We must stand up for our people. All of our people.