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Life is too large to be summed up in a saying, a novel, a hug, a political war. 

I am inside of this life, shimmying up the rib cage, pulsing through heart beats. Laughing bare chested on mountaintops, wading in turtle water toward the fountain of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

This is my life. 

But our lives share this space and I don’t need to look to the dark shadows to hide who I am. I wouldn’t ask that of anyone. This is an up front movement. It is a call for truth. For equality. For respect.

If I could invite each person who disagrees with me about the War On Women to sit at my kitchen table and talk over tea, we might get somewhere.

But even with Mapquest, so many of my proposed guests would be lost trying to find the table, they wouldn’t entertain the invitation.

There are different levels of importance in this world, in this life. I hold them to assess their weight.

In one hand I hold the War On Women. This political porridge slopped into our troughs.

In the other, I hold a level that is my family member dying. My sister feeling like an orphan. My baby growing out of being a baby and into being a child. This is right now, for me. But these things change with the moment, with the day, with the month.

This political fight stays. It is the long path we did not choose. Mastermined to enslave us one day at a time, even as our resistance grows.

The War On Women is my fight, it is the fight of many. Ultimately it must be the fight of the majority. As a woman, I risk my life if I do not stand up against it, though I know it will go on longer than me. I know it is bigger than just me and hope others will see the injuries its weapons incur and say “No more.”

Many things are more important than this political infighting. They tug on emotions and values and repeat the word, LOVE over and over again. But, if this War On Women continues its course, I won’t have rights to be who I am. Other people won’t have rights to be who they are. All women will be in more danger of violence being perpetrated against them.

What about this love? What about holding on to who and what you love while you are here? Making it worth it? Enjoying it fully? 

Life is about being free to fully enjoy life and make of it what you can, what you will.

What about loving myself for who I am?

What about loving women?

What about loving one another enough to respect everyone?

If the GOP continues to take my rights, will I be free to live, to love, to be?

The answer is No. They have already taken rights from more than half of the population. Including me. They have made it clear women will not be valued, all the while calling us crazy.

This life is a juggling of the battles we want to fight and the battles we must fight. It is a juggling between the tears we cry and those we hold back. It is a fight for laughter and joy and love. It is a fight for life. 

Stupid are those who say it is not a war.

Levels of importance.

Love. Equality. Justice. Freedom.