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“What a feminist is- is a humanist in a sexist culture.” This is what the minister at the rally in Austin said last Saturday. I wish I knew his name.

His statement is absolutely correct. Feminists are asking for human rights for women. If the culture didn’t have institutionally built in structures against women and ways of seeing women as inferior, if laws protected women and viewed us as equal, there would be no need for feminism. If the culture wasn’t sexist, feminists would be humanists.

As a feminist, I want a balanced world where all women are afforded the same rights, legal protection, an equal level of participation in the society as men, and where work that women have traditionally done is valued.

I have been thinking about his statement since he said it. I have also had the word “Resistance” in mind.

Resistance can mean many things, including violent overthrow. I am not suggesting anything violent. The resistance I speak of is about stopping the Republican party from institutionally taking rights away from women by:
1. passing laws that take those rights
2. by pushing legislation to take away laws that protect women.

When women’s rights to make decisions for their bodies and selves are taken away, women are seen as inferior and therefore at greater risk for violence.

When women are being institutionally oppressed in a way that increases violence against them, (violence that includes physical beating, emotional and psychological torture, rape and all sexual assault, and murder) it is war. 

The resistance to the War On Women must continue. It must be more organized and it needs to grow because while the GOP is laughing at women for saying there is a “War on Women,” they continue to pass laws that attack women.

Think on Resistance.

Resistance to laws that take away women’s right to make choices for their bodies.

Resistance to women being framed as “sluts” and “prostitutes” for wanting access to birth control.

Resistance to the government making decisions about women’s bodies and wellbeing.

Resistance to women’s concerns being brushed off as ridiculous, hysterical, stupid.

Resistance to oppression of women being put into law and/or reinforced by law.

Resistance to women being put down, objectified, sexualized, belittled.

Resistance to the government allowing for women to be paid less.

Resistance to people who say there is no wage gap.

Resistance to laws and any unofficial cultural belief setting that implies women are second class citizens, inferior, less than.

Resistance to anything within the society that suggests women are not equals.

Resistance to people who want to say feminists hate men, are absurd, want to be men, are nazis.

Resistance to cultural acceptance of women as “blonde” (meaning stupid), likened to animals of any kind (cows, cats, pandas, dogs,…), hysterical (War on Caterpillars).

Resistance to women being blamed for violence against them.

Resistance to notions that women cannot make decisions about their bodies and lives.

Resistance to extreme gender stereotypes that close all people off from the range of options, rights, and responsibilities that should be afforded to us.

Resistance to hatred and oppression of people because of gender, gender identity, skin color, sexual orientation, ability, ethnicity, language, culture. Recognizing these pieces of identity intersect.

Resistance to ignorance about the importance of women’s equality.

Resistance to the belief that women have no voice and don’t need to have a voice in public matters.

Resistance to the belief that inequality doesn’t lead to violence- It does.

Grrl Code: Resistance to the false belief that women can’t get along, unite, work together, be strong, fight for our equality.