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News happens and then it’s gone. Unless it is replayed incessantly by the media, we often forget what happened exactly. Sometimes I’m still stuck on the news that happened rather than moving to the next best thing.

I read a few quick blurbs about the marches that happened across the country last Saturday, but from what I see, there wasn’t a lot of press coverage and it was blown off as the Republicans hoped it would be.

Maybe I’m reading that wrong, but it sure seems to have gotten little play.

I have been thinking back on the messages from the rally in Austin and wanted to give a quick run down on 12 points that stood out and were inspiring to me.

1. The amount of people there and the diversity of who those people were was encouraging and inspiring.

2. The signs being carried were motivating and often clever!
I vote with my uterus.
Keep Your Mitt(s) Off Birth Control
To Take My Rights Is To Dehumanize Me & Raise the Risk 4 Violence Against Me
Far Right Hijacking Women’s Rights
Abort the GOP

3. “A fire has been lit and it’s going to burn this November.”

4. “If you don’t trust women, know that a woman brought every politician into this world and this November, we’re going to take some out.” 

5. Is the religious freedom of some is being upheld while that of others is not? Along that line, State Representative Dawnna Dukes spoke about how she was banned at her church from speaking about African American history because she spoke up for women’s rights.

6. The GOP continues to make attacks on women’s rights and then say there is no War On Women. The crowd was asked: “Are you simple minded?” Everyone roared, “NO.”

7. A Presbyterian minister said that a feminist is a humanist in a sexist culture and said it was time to put feminism the F word (feminism) back into our vocabulary.

8. “God bless the nuns who are standing up for women.”

9. The Presbyterian minister spoke about tithing and said he was going to give to Annie’s list to get more women involved in politics.

10. Kathy Miller, president of Texas Freedom Network said that far right extremists have always driven the War on Women in policy.

11. Congressman Lloyd Doggett expressed concern about women today and our daughters and grandaughters and said he believes in pro-life once a child is born.

12. Doggett asked the crowd whether this was a movement or a moment? The crowd screamed it was a movement.

12 points of inspiration taken from the rally in Austin. Not to be forgotten like yesterday’s news.