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In the crazy fuss to distract people from strategic GOP moves to make women second class citizens, women have been accused of not caring about the economy.

There are so many tactics being used to shut women up, I can’t keep up with them all. It’s like playing Dodge Ball when a lot of people are throwing numerous balls at you and you have to explain why you are dodging each ball being thrown at you.

The idea that women don’t care about the economy is so ridiculous I don’t believe I’m going to argue it. It is not the Either/Or package that the right wing is framing it as. We care about our rights AND we care about the economy.

Saying women don’t care about the economy is further reinforcing the idea that women are petty ignorant creatures who aren’t capable of being full citizens. At the same time this happens, we are being told the fact that our rights are being taken from us is trivial and that we’re crazy to even suggest that is happening.

It’s not only a great distraction technique, but also a way of spreading the nasty rumor to everyone that we don’t care about our country and we’re stupid. Here we are in a recession and look, women don’t even care about the economy.

It’s just insulting.

Of course women care about the economy. And No Wisconsin state Senator Glenn Grothman, money is not more important to men.

Right now there is buzz about whether the economy or women’s rights will be the deciding factor for the election in November. I’d say both.

For women it should be and will be both.

The War On Women is pushing for women to have less ability to make decisions for their bodies and lives.

The GOP is pushing for women to have less access to information about contraception and to contraception itself. They are pushing for women to have no decision making capacity around abortion. These decisions affect the choices women have in their lives and the direction their lives take. These decisions affect whether women will be able to work outside of their homes, whether they will have children and how many, whether they will use daycare, whether they will have healthy children, whether their health will be stable and whether they will have outrageous medical bills or not.

The decisions being made are affecting whether or not women will be paid a fair wage if they work outside of the home, whether their work as mothers has any societal or economic value, whether they will live well, less well or in poverty.

The decisions being made affect whether there will be services available if a woman is raped or beaten, whether she will be able to get therapy that will help her continue to work and live her life, whether she will be able to escape a violent perpetrator and make it on her own.

Yes women care about the economy. These issues are all very connected.

Women also care that when our right to make decisions for our bodies and ourselves is taken away, we are seen as less valuable, less worthy, less than. We are at risk of not being able to make other decisions for ourselves in the world, like about what we want to wear, whether we want to be sold into marriage or slavery, whether we want to have sex or not, whether we are allowed to work outside of the home, …

When we are viewed as inferior, the rates of violence against us go up and we are at greater risk of dying and being hurt.

I am a woman and I care about the economy, but when it comes down to it, I will vote to maintain my rights and to push for full equality. The economy is important, but not to me if I am valued only as an object to be owned.

Grrl Code: Women, don’t be swayed by the Either/Or dynamic being posed. Caring about women as people is to care about the economy and the greater society.

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