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This past Saturday people around the country gathered together to protest the War On Women. I went to the rally in Austin, but Texas wasn’t the only state to host a rally– they were everywhere- convening thousands of people who say YES there is a War On Women and NO we won’t stand for it.

Hundreds of people from all over Texas gathered at the capital. There were people from Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, and many smaller towns in between.

I thought it was going to be a march, but it was actually a rally with speakers and music, which I think was even better, for now. When Congressman Lloyd Doggett spoke, he asked the question: Do we have a movement here or a moment? He then called for people to march.

The concern spreads across generations.

Reproductive Justice Freedom Fighters

Vagina Enojada- "Angry" Vagina

The concern spreads across race, culture, and language.

It spreads across sexual orientation. It worries young people.

Victoria Streusand with the artist of the posters they both hold, Stephanie Laumen

But is not just a movement of young people.

It is people of all ages and of all genders.

Men are also concerned for women’s rights and standing by the women in their lives.

Unfortunately the concern does not reach across party lines.

There was a lot of anger at the Republican Party who has launched attacks on women’s rights, equality, healthcare and overall safety in the world. The anger is justified.

This is about voting in November to stop Republicans from putting laws into place that keep women down, turn us into second class citizens and keep inequality alive, but it is about more than that. It’s about equality. It’s about justice. It’s about women’s right to be equally participating members of the world.

People all over the United States of America are concerned.

This is a movement bigger than a moment and this is just the first step. We are organizing. We are working to stop the War On Women.

I will be posting again tomorrow on the rally in Texas and the Unite Against the War on Women. Please tune in again and follow Matrifocal Point!