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This is the Weekender. I first wrote on the March/Rally/Protests around the nation against the War On Women. I have since added a few pictures of the rally in Austin, Texas. Please tune in Monday for more pictures of Austin’s rally and a post about the rally. Here are the pics to get started with. If you can’t tell by the crowd- it was a success.

Austin, Texas Rally Against the War On Women 4/28/12 (note- the grass here was off limits, which pushed the huge crowd around the capital bldg)

STOP the War On Women 4/28/12

4/28/12 Austin, Texas

Today is April 28, 2012- the day of the March Against the War on Women throughout the USA. Marches will take place all over the country protesting the war that Republicans are still saying is nonsense manufactured by the Democratic party. Oh if that were true.

The fact is that in the first three months of 2012, legislators in 45 of the 46 legislatures that have convened this year introduced 944 provisions related to reproductive health and rights. Half of these provisions would restrict abortion access.

Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin just signed legislation repealing the state’s comprehensive sex education law and establishing abstinence education requirements. He also signed legislation to restrict abortion rights in health care exchanges and require doctors to “investigate women” seeking abortions to be sure they aren’t being “coerced.” He also signed a bill to nullify enforcement of the federal Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay for Women Act. Rep. Glenn Grothman was right there to say “money is more important for men.”

And that’s just Wisconsin. States all over the country are restricting women’s healthcare and our legal right to make decisions for our bodies and for ourselves.

Florida’s governor just took away tons of money from Rape Crisis Centers.

Georgia Republican state legislator Bobby Franklin is pushing to redefine rape victims as accusers rather than victims. Rapes are underreported as it is, this just places another barrier to people reporting and makes it sound like the victim is lying. Most rape victims are women.

There are so many more examples. For more information about the War On Women please click the following links:

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Just to run down this whole schema again-

When women have their rights taken away, they are seen as less than. 

When they are seen as less than, they are dehumanized. A great example of this is Rush Limbaugh calling women sluts for wanting access to contraception. Then following it up by insinuating women are for men’s sexual pleasure when he told Sandra Fluke to send him her sex tape.

When women are dehumanized, they are at greater risk for violence.

When more women are seen as inferior, beaten, raped, and killed- THIS IS A WAR!

Protest it. March against it. Show your face to be counted among those who understand it’s real and are concerned that if it continues, women will have no rights.

Check out what your neck of the woods is doing and get in on the game! It’s not too late for today and the war will unfortunately continue even though people are wise to it, so stand up for women, for gender equality, for a just world.

Here’s the site to check out: We Are Women- March

Grrl Code: Get involved. Attend a march near you- bring friends- women or men. Talk to people you know about why the War On Women is dangerous for all women and furthers the gap of inequality between men and women. Believe, support, and speak out for women- now is the time.