In order for violence against women to completely end, many things must happen, but those many things come under two umbrellas. 

If we attain these two umbrella points, violence against women will end and in turn violence against children, men on men violence and hate crimes against people based on skin color, culture, religion, sexual orientation, ablism, and gender identity.

1. Women of all races and cultures must be seen as equal to men in all aspects of all societies. This must be reflected and obvious in the workplace, in laws, in government, etc.

2. Violence must be condemned completely. This includes war. It includes physical, verbal and sexual violence. Emotional and psychological violence are often harder to identify, but must also be condemned. Cases of self defense must be investigated. The glorification of violence must end and power must be redefined within cultures.

If violence and the threat of violence don’t exist, the power structure will be forced to adapt and reorganize in a more just way for all of humanity.

-Liza Wolff-Francis