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MAKERS- Makers of the world. Makers of herstory. Women changing life for women.

There is a website out named the Makers that has women who have made and are making herstory for women. They have and continue to change the way women can live in the world, the rights we can have, and the options available to us. It’s an initiative of PBS and aol, produced by filmmakers Dyllan McGee, Betsy West, and Peter Kunhardt and it’s super cool- for many reasons, but it is definitely cool to be able to see so many powerful women together on one website- and it’s growing.

Right now there are videos on each of the women profiled and a documentary is being made that will be released in early 2013 on the Makers of women’s history over the last half-century. It will go through the herstory of the social revolution that is the women’s movement and show women’s fight over time to be able to have an equal amount of political power, economic opportunity, and personal autonomy.  “No individual and no aspect of American life has been unchanged” by this revolution that continues even today.

These women include: Condoleezza Rice, Eve Ensler, Barbara Walters, Barbara Smith, Ellen Degeneres, Martha Stewart Hillary Clinton, Gloria Steinem- among many other women. These are well known women, but there are many women profiled who are not as well known, but have still been powerful forces in women’s progress.

I believe we are all interconnected and that what one person does affects us all, even in the smallest way. As I read the description of who were Makers, I thought of many women I know, who are Makers in their communities and in their lives, though they may not be as high profile as some of the women in the project, but still radical awesome women and Makers. Think about the Makers you know. How are you a Maker? 

The trailer posted on the website says: “The time has come for their stories to be told.”

Why now? Why not two years ago or two years from now?

Now is actually perfect because women are being seen as worthless, sluts, and second class citizens. The Patriarchy continues to push us down and these Makers are a fierce and beautiful reminder of our strength, of how powerful women can be. We need Makers to show the people who have waged a war against women and are fighting to keep women without choices and from participating in our world. We also need Makers to be proud of, to be role models. And we must know we are also Makers and can and do shape women’s history/herstory as it unfolds.

Check out the MAKERS site– the short trailer about the project talks about these women fighting “for something other than themelves and that they have changed the world as we know it.”


Grrl Code: How are you a Maker in your own world? What do you do to help advance women and girls? How do you advance yourself without trampling other women? How do you support other women in being Makers and how are you proud of them as Makers who you know? Be a Maker of Womn’s Herstory and support women and girls in becoming Makers as well.