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We’ve been framed! In yesterday’s post I talked about the framing of women. Today I’m going to talk about it as programming. The American public (this is actually worldwide, but I am going to speak about my country right now) has been programmed about women. We have been programmed to believe certain things about women and women’s capabilities, about our weaknesses and about our strengths.

This programming has changed over time, partly to meet the demands of a modern age and partly in response to women fighting for their rights, but the programming still exists and continues. If this sounds a bit too “conspiracy theory” for you, remember this: Sandra Fluke was called a slut and told to post the sex tape after her birth control was funded. Limbaugh then went on for several days saying Fluke has “so much sex she can’t afford it.” She talked about ovarian cysts and medical issues- NOT SEX! He’s flipping the script. He’s framing her. He’s programming America about who women are. Women who want birth control are “sluts.”

So, people keep pointing out, here we are all talking about birth control. At this point in time, with the array of reproductive options we have, women have a 100% ability to not have a baby. That means we can decide when and if we want to have a baby. If? But the programming says all women should want to have babies and should. Women were born to do that.

That is the programming. In reality this is not true. Not all people can or even want to reproduce.

But women are more controllable if they have children. Unless you have someone to raise your child for you, which should defeat the purpose of having a child, you don’t have as much time to participate in the larger society. Children are in some ways like a leash. They tie you down. Sound harsh? I am a mother to an amazing little boy and might like to have another child in the future. I love my little guy so much, but I definitely have less time for me and my pursuits. I’m okay with that right now in my life, that’s what I wanted. I wanted a child in my life at the exact time he came around. My son was planned.

I’m going to share something even more personal- Alert- I have a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis and was taking an injectable medication for it that I could not be on while pregnant. I was advised not to get pregnant while on the medication, though they don’t know what side effects might occur. So when my partner and I began to try, I had stopped taking my medication and had been tracking my ovulation and knew when I had the most chance to get pregnant. I was lucky and got pregnant right away. If it wasn’t for contraception, I wouldn’t be able to able to have intercourse with my husband because I wouldn’t want to put a baby at risk of some strange side effects of the medication. So what does this mean? I’m a slut because I want access to contraception?

They have already programmed America about women, about me. But the programming isn’t true.

We have been programmed to believe that men should buy the condoms. We have been programmed to believe that if a woman is on the pill or some other birth control method, she wants sex, even if by force (rape)- she’s telling us she wants it because she is always protected.

It doesn’t matter if this is true or not. The programming is already there and it is regularly reinforced. Rush Limbaugh reinforced it in what he said about Sandra Fluke. Again, she wasn’t even talking about sex. It doesn’t matter. Rush hit on the programming of the nation: women are sluts if they want birth control and women are for men’s pleasure.

But he apologized– let’s put that “apology” in quotes. It was more of a, ‘sorry I didn’t use a thesaurus to find a few words that wouldn’t get my advertisers pulling their ads from my show.’ Sandra Fluke says the “apology” doesn’t change anything. Yeah it doesn’t, the programming is already there doing its damage. There are petitions to denounce Rush Limbaugh and here I seem to have to keep quoting him like he’s important, but he knows what he’s doing and he knows how to get attention. Anyway…Rush Limbaugh said: “I think it is absolutely absurd that during these very serious political times, we are discussing personal sexual recreational activities before members of Congress.”

He’s not the only one who has said something similar. He’s reiterating the programming! He’s saying this is about sex. This is about women’s right to make choices for their bodies. This is about health care.

The right wing has said their angle is about “religious freedom.” What about women’s religious freedom? They are talking about a religious freedom to oppress women. What about women’s religious freedom not to be oppressed?

I keep hearing how ridiculous it is that we are discussing sex when there are people without jobs and bigger fish to fry.

There really isn’t anything bigger right now than my rights under the law to be a fully participating person in society. Jobs are important, but not if I can’t work. I know we’re not there yet, but take away my rights, one by one and we will be there. We’re still at the point where because I’m a woman I make less money.

Sandra stands for women. #StandforSandra

If you look at the comments in some of the right wing media you’ll see how Sandra Fluke is slandered and torn up and how it reflects the programming of America rather than the points she even addressed. Comments on BigGovernment.com call her a political prostitute, a communist, they say she’s an opportunist, paid by Obama, a socialist agitator, that she went to Georgetown to change their policies that are based on their religious beliefs. They say personal responsibility wasn’t taught at home and they don’t want to pay for some college kid’s birth control. They say we should send her a box of condoms and even give an address to send them to and say “the left has been able to spin religious freedom into birth control and somehow women’s health” and the final question: is taking a pill really healthy?

They’ve been programmed and don’t even know what they’re arguing about. To them it doesn’t matter, They understood the programming and they’re incensed. 

Why did Rush say “feminazis?” He actually uses that word quite a bit. He’s programming America to believe women standing up for their rights are like nazis. Violent, out of control, irrational, trying to kill society, trying to kill all men. Extremists. In a nutshell, the message that he is giving is that women standing up for themselves are bad and extreme and women should not want to be like that. It reinforces the programming that feminism is bad and no one should like it, feel proud of it, or even consider what it’s about.

In one of the articles I linked to, Rush Limbaugh is called a megaphone for the GOP’s politics. Yes and what I would say is he’s a programmer. What a sad way to get to hell.