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What a time to be a feminist!

It’s like a really scary carnival ride called the Death Jump where you are taken up five stories and dropped and you know this carnival ride has cut off legs and arms before. It’s even chopped whole people right in half. The ride mechanic has been out sick for several months. It’s terrifying- as in, they might take all of my rights away and I won’t be able to do anything, but it’s also exciting. Because it has to be. Because if you are in the fight- and we all are, just some of us (because of societal pressure and fear of repercussions from our communities) still choose to be silent- you HAVE to be excited to keep up the momentum.

And these days, most women are paying attention. Not just women who identify as feminist, all women. It appears women are paying attention because they are either for or against abortion OR because they are for or against contraception. Maybe it is that, but actually, I believe it’s that even if they don’t fully get the whole issue (like how having our rights taken away puts us in danger of more violence, losing more rights, and being seen as non-human), most women understand something is going on with their rights as people.

It’s so funny, not Ha Ha funny, but funny nonetheless that there have been a lot of bills introduced and lots of talk about “personhood.” Not just the questions of when does a fetus feel pain, but what is a person? A decision was made to classify a corporation as a person and give the corporation the rights of a person- and a person who can be in more than one place at once- kind of like a person with a special power and with a lot of money, which these days is like a special power in itself.

When is something an actual person? Right wing anti-choice extremists say a person is a person upon conception. So, I thought of three different corporations I would like to start. Boom. Bam. Bim. They’ve been conceived. So, I’d like them, as people, to vote too. That’s three different votes for me, on top of myself, of course, because they’re separate people. Wait, what?

It isn’t fair, you say. Boo frickin’ hoo. Life isn’t fair. Know what isn’t fair? Women having less rights than a fetus. Women having less rights than a corporation. Corporations are not people. Neither are eggs and sperm when people are having sex. What about women’s rights? No one talks about them directly, they just take them away!

What a time to be a feminist!

We are at a time in our society, post-colonial USA, when as women, we have more rights than we have ever had and the backlash is severe. It’s not subtle. It is right there in our faces and it is loud and angry. From the Republican wanna be presidential candidates trying to up the ante on who can hate women more to Rush Limbaugh rearing his ugly misogynist head calling women sluts to Rep. Darrel Issa barring women from a committee discussing contraception….it’s obvious, this is war.

Props to Sandra Fluke who was the student who Limbaugh called a Slut. She said to Politico, ”

“My reaction is what the reaction that a lot of women have when they’ve been called these names. Initially you’re stunned, but then very quickly you’re outraged,” she said. “Because this is historically the kind of language that is used to silence women especially when women stand up and say that these are their reproductive health care needs and this is what they need.”

Sandra Fluke is a Warrior Woman. Don’t be confused by her name- this was not a fluke. Rush Limbaugh’s comments are not alone, as Sandra said, “a lot of women” have been treated in this manner. That’s part of the system of Patriarchy.

Patriarchy is insidious. It says that women are beneath men ALWAYS– this means there is no down time, no spring break. It is always men OVER women and for the system to maintain, it demands it be so. Women have been making great strides. We have tons of education and though we often aren’t paid what we should be compared to men with equal or less education, we are working in many different jobs and careers outside of the traditional fields deemed acceptable for women (teacher, nurse, social worker, housekeeper, server), we are deciding when we want to try to have children and when we don’t and we are playing sports- even boxing- ooo- and we are telling girls they can speak up and be strong. No wonder they are scared, these Patriarchal men.

They tried to pass the Blunt Amendment that would have allowed employers to opt out of providing health care coverage they disagree with on moral grounds. That was set up to discriminate against women- and it was shot down! Yay! But beware, that’s not the end of the war, just one battle.

An entire system and its history is at stake. To misogynists, Patriarchy could fail. To feminists, it can die. It must! Feminism is suffocating it slowly and men’s privilege is wearing thin- again, no wonder they are worried.

What we have right now is a War On Women. People are tweeting it and writing about it like mad, but feminists have been calling it that for years. But now the battles have gotten even stronger.

Yes it is a war against women. This is true. But we continue to fight back. And the war as we see it must be declared.

This is a War Against Patriarchy!

Patriarchy must fall and there is no alternative short of us having fewer and fewer rights.

It’s women’s history month. A time to celebrate and recognize women and women’s struggle. It is also a good time to declare war.

Fight the Patriarchy! STOP THE WAR ON WOMEN!