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Non-consensual vaginal ultrasounds are essentially rape, except they’re not because now in Texas, and soon in Virginia, you are forced to consent to one in order to have an abortion. So it’s blackmail and rape.

Vaginal ultrasounds are unnecessary procedures before an abortion, so why would someone want to have one? And shouldn’t they be given the choice about whether they want that or not? Oh wait, that’s right, we’re talking about women and this country doesn’t give choices to objects, just people and corporations acting as people. But why would unnecessary invasive procedures even be part of getting an abortion anyway? To shame you. To punish you. To hurt you. The value of women is so little, that while our choices are being slowly taken away, our society has taken measures to punish us for the decisions we still make. Would you like an unnecessary procedure sticking something up in you and having pictures of your insides shown to you before you have the abortion you’re trying to get? That doesn’t even make sense.

For patriarchy to survive, men must be above women. If women get too much power, men won’t be above them and patriarchy will die. This is a fight over power. Patriarchy only understands POWER OVER. Power is at risk of being taken from men as a whole, leaving patriarchy defunct. We have all grown up under patriarchy. We have learned under a system that has men in power over women. Women have made and continue to make big strides, which is why there has been such push-back lately against women with all of the anti-choice bills. It is framed as heroes for babies but when the mask is pulled off it is people against women.

Texas already has the vaginal ultrasound law and now it looks like Virginia will have one. This is such a blatant attack on women and is essentially rape of the women who are forced to have a vaginal ultrasound in order to have an abortion. Plus, women must pay for that and must take more time to go have it done and then go back to have the actual procedure they were trying to obtain in the first place. Not to mention the doctors’ time. So women are being forced to see pictures of fetuses inside of them, through a procedure that penetrates them via their vaginas. This is not going to stop women from having abortions and it is psychologically damaging for women.

Abortion is an easy target misogynists have chosen to use to take women’s rights away. They are using women’s bodies, which throughout history, women have used as their only means of control and which simultaneously have been used to control women, to take away women’s personhood. There has been such commotion recently about “personhood” laws where they try to say a person is a person from the moment of conception. This is ridiculous and harmful and keeps women from being able to make choices for their bodies, feel even worse when they miscarriage, and get a mixed message about why they aren’t being treated like people, but supposedly a fetus that can’t survive without them has more rights than they do. Abortion is an issue, misogynists trying to push women back to second class citizenry can easily get a lot of people on board to say they don’t want babies to die. But these aren’t babies, they are fetuses. From The Radical Idea: “A fetus can’t sustain itself beyond the mother’s body-~-so it is the mother who is an autonomous human being who has the right to make these decisions.”

In Illinois they passed a ‘must offer’ law that states women are to be offered the choice of whether they want an “informational ultrasound” before an abortion. That’s ridiculous, condescending, and offensive, but at least women have the choice to say whether they want one or not.

How far are women pushed backward? We are now being blackmailed into being raped just so we can get abortions. What happened to liberty and justice for all?