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Yesterday was the day when MSNBC  rid its airwaves of Pat Buchanan for being a racist, sexist pig and touring around his bigotry saying increasing racial diversity is a threat to this country and will mean the “end of White America” and that “the rise of women to power in a civilization is very often the mark of its decline.”

Yesterday was the day we got the gazillionaire 1%er Foster Friess taking up our energy with his outrageous statements like the following:

“I get such a chuckle when these things come out. Here we have millions of our fellow Americans unemployed, we have jihadist camps being set up in Central-Latin America, which work has been worried about and people seem to be preoccupied with sex. I think it says something about our culture. We, maybe, need a massive therapy session so we can concentrate on what the real issues are. This contraceptive thing. My gosh, it’s so inexpensive. Back in my days they used Bayer Aspirin for contraception. The gals put it between their knees, and it wasn’t that costly.” -Foster Friess

Aside from this being so incredibly horrifying on many levels, it’s not about sex, so don’t try to frame it like that. Actually Foster, we’re concerned about the rights of women. But I think you know that because you are trying to take them away as clearly you and your lackey Santorum don’t believe women should have human rights.

Yes this is about access to contraception, women’s health, healthcare, and as I see it, primarily about my right to decide for my own body what it needs. I am concerned about my rights as a woman and not losing them to a council of men who make decisions for my me. I am a person of sound mind and can make my own decisions.

Yesterday, In Oklahoma, what has been called the “personhood” bill, which says a fertilized egg is a “person” with constitutional rights has passed the Oklahoma Senate.

Witness table full of men at GOP hearing on proposed contraception measure.

Yesterday: From TPM (Talking Points Memo)

“On Capitol Hill, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) held hearings on contraception and religious freedom that produced the now-famous picture of a table full of men called to weigh in on access to contraceptives. Democrats wanted a woman — a Georgetown law student with a friend who lost an ovary because the university doesn’t cover birth control — to say her piece at the hearing, but Issa wouldn’t let her on the panel. He said she wasn’t “appropriate or qualified” to discuss the topic at hand.”

House Republicans hearing on Obama Administration’s contraceptive-coverage rule. Five witnesses for the first panel. All of them are men.

Wait, come again- Why are men qualified to talk about my rights to birth control?

Why are men allowed to discuss and decide what my rights as a woman should be?

This song and dance has been going on for too long and at this point it is clear that women have been speaking up and taking rights because the patriarchy is really working to stomp us down and put us in ‘our place.’ These men are a product of patriarchy and are using their privilege from it to promote it and to take women down. My body and rights have become a political platform to get voters out to the polls and continue to be used as a means to control women. This battle is going on and on and I think we might need to switch tactics.

I am for all people being able to choose for their bodies and selves, but at this point, I think if we need to even the playing field and vote on ways men can and cannot care for their bodies until all people’s rights are set in place, we may just need to.

Friess seems to think an aspirin will keep men out of our vaginas- Hell, the whole right wing has climbed in- apparently the aspirin didn’t stop them- Listen up crazy misogynist Republican men- GET OUT!