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Happy Sunday! Here are 5 rays of light to shine on you, to build self esteem and to remind yourself you are important. We do so much every day, sometimes we forget us. Here are some reminders.To change the world, we need to be charged and as strong as we can. Stay strong. 

1. Light a candle for yourself.

Keep the energy in the world out there positive for you. Light a candle for your well-being, for your happiness, for your health, for your dreams, for your drive. Do I mean light a literal candle? Well, you can certainly- why not? But I mean keep you in your center. To be able to care for others, you have to care for yourself first. If you’re thinking, Duh, everyone knows that, ask yourself if you actually do it. Even if we know it, sometimes we don’t take care of ourselves, we don’t put ourselves first. There’s always other things that go first, our children, our jobs, our families, our friends, school, chores, etc. I’m not saying neglect everything else, I’m saying make time to appreciate you. You may need to schedule some ‘you’ time- a date with yourself. Take yourself out, at least for coffee, if not dinner.

2. This little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine

Don’t be ashamed of your awesomeness. Show people who you are and that you’re great. Other people like to be around great confident people, it makes them feel good too. There’s a difference between bragging about yourself and being confident. Don’t undersell yourself. A little known fact, men are more likely to ask for more money when they are being hired than women. Women may ask for less because they don’t know what they are worth, think they are worth less, because they aren’t as assertive, or they are intimidated about asking for more. Let your light shine- show people why you’re awesome!

3. Keep the porch light on- for your dreams

We should have dreams at every point in our life. We are never too old for them. It may be that we outgrow some and have new ones, but don’t ever stop dreaming and working toward those dreams. Keep working at them, if it seems like they’re taking a while to come to fruition, good things take time. Don’t give up. Keep the light on for them. Keep going.

4. Shine some light on you

Take time to be with yourself, to shine some light on yourself, for yourself. We are in a world that constantly changes and while we are the same person, we also change. We have new ideas, we learn new things and intellectually and emotionally, we grow. Make sure you take time to be with you, just you, no other people or TV or internet, so you get to know who you are in the quiet spaces.

5. Light up a room

It’s important to do what makes you feel happy. We all have to do things we may not be particularly psyched about, like tedious work tasks or doing the dishes or laundry, but take time to do the things you enjoy too, things that make you who you are. You will ‘light up a room,’ any room, when you feel happy and that you are doing what makes you happy.

Take care of yourself. Peace.