A male feminist? What?

A lot of people believe only women are feminists, but I think that actually people don’t understand what feminism is and they have heard a lot of negative rumors about it. The negative rumors are the backlash when as women, we stick up for ourselves and our rights.

At this point in time,

-women who decide to stay home and take what are considered to be more “traditional women’s roles,” (roles that women traditionally were forced to take whether they wanted to or not),

-women who decide not to vote,

-women who decide to work in the home only, rather than outside of it

…make these choices because of feminism.

Before feminism, these were not choices, women did not have the right to vote and were really not permitted to work outside of the home. People who have not liked this change that allows women to make these choices, have badmouthed feminists, calling us man-haters and militant feminazis (offensive to most, especially feminists and Jewish people).

Most people don’t want to be identified with either of these labels. So we hear women say, “I’m not a feminist, but… I think…” and then they say something supporting the rights of women, something ultimately feminist.

If people believe feminists are “man-haters,” of course they aren’t going to believe that men can be feminists. Why would men want to hate themselves and join a movement to do so?

But men are also feminists. Feminist men stand up for women having equal rights and opportunities in the world and believe women shouldn’t be valued only for their looks, bodies, or ability to bear children.

People all over the world stand up for others who are oppressed. This includes men. Men do stand up for women and it’s not about chivalry or getting laid, it’s about living in a just world. Of course men are feminists!

For me, feminism is about looking at the world in a different way. It’s about looking at what is fair and right and promoting it. It is about being as aware as I can be of the system I live in and how it oppresses others and trying to change that. Patriarchy as a system doesn’t allow women to have power to act as our own beings with minds and opinions. It treats women as objects or as animals or children who are incapable of making our own decisions.

From Wikipedia:

Patriarchy is a social system in which the role of the male as the primary authority figure is central to social organization, and where fathers hold authority over women, children, and property.

The family model of a patriarchy is how things play out in the larger institutions of a patriarchal society. The men hold authority over women, children, and property in systems of government, religion, employment. This does not allow women to hold power for themselves or in the society in which we live.

Wikipedia continued- on patriarchy:

It implies the institutions of male rule and privilege, and entails female subordination. Many patriarchal societies are also patrilineal, meaning that property and title are inherited by the male lineage.

Historically, patriarchy has manifested itself in thePatriarchy also has a social, legal, political, and economic organization of a range of different cultures. 

For men to want women to be their equals, to talk to, to get to know, to learn with, to discover things with, to create things with, to work together with, should be normal. Men who are feminists are saying they see where women are oppressed within the society and how that plays out and want things to be different. So really: men who aren’t feminists are ignorant of what feminism is or they are sexist. There is no shame in being a feminist. A feminist is a guy you want to take home to meet your parents because he has obviously done some reflection about himself and himself in the world and whatever your relationship, he’ll respect you as a person.

So guys, Man Up- Real Men Are Feminists!