A friend of mine posted on his Facebook Nellie McKay singing her song “Feminists Don’t Have a Sense of Humor,” which I hadn’t seen before. If you listen to it, you hopefully know it’s tongue and cheek. She’s a feminist and advocates strongly for women’s rights. And why would anyone say that feminists, all feminists don’t have a sense of humor? How could anyone say that about any one group of people? Right? Wrong. People do say it, which is, I’m sure, why she wrote this song. The truth of the matter is that feminists don’t think women being treated poorly is funny or that people not having equal rights is a joke.

What I find funny- not Ha Ha funny necessarily, but ironic and horrifyingly funny, is that there are a gazillion comments and so many of them are so offensive and sexist and horrible and people don’t get it. They didn’t find her song funny. So, here’s an example of a feminist woman being funny and some people didn’t find it funny.

I thought I’d post some of the comments I read here, not because I necessarily want to give them more attention, but because I am disturbed by them. If I haven’t made my point about women needing to band together to be stronger, these will help. They are not only insensitive and mean, but also women-hating and really offensive.

A random chunk of comments are listed here below. After each one, I make my own comments.

  • Feminists differ as much in their opinions of biology as the rest of society. Personally I’ve never met any feminist who thought there are absolutely no biological or psychological differences between men and women. Most feminists simply disagree with the notion that there are jobs inherently only for men or only for women or that people shouldn’t be allowed to go into fields traditionally deemed for the other sex.

    My Comments: Because of how the human body is built, men usually have more upper body strength than women, so some jobs might be more easily done by men, but we should all be given the opportunity to work whatever job we want to do, are trained to do and are capable of doing. Some of the jobs that have been traditionally deemed for one sex or another have no basis of upper body strength. For example, traditionally, most teachers are women, most homemakers and childcare workers are women. These are not fields “deemed for the other sex.” They are fields that men have traditionally not been involved in because they are seen as less valuable, women’s work and are underpaid (each one of these is connected- women’s work is seen as less valuable b/c it is women’s work and therefore it is paid less). Can men do these jobs? Absolutely. Can women drive big trucks? Can women be top executives in for-profit companies? Absolutely. We just have to be hired.

    83Damascus 8 months ago
  • Brilliant Baby!

    My comment: Yes! This song is brilliant. Nellie McKay is using her talent and creativity to advocate for women. We all have talents and creative sides to us that we can also use to promote women.

    LookingGlassStudio 8 months ago
  • Typical feminazi tactics. “Equal Work for Equal Pay” isn’t equal work for equal pay. That’s a lie. Feminist definitions of rape as “anything done without a woman’s consent” get it? To hell with the man, who has no rights? No? If you’re slow on the uptake, think about domestic violence and how gynocentric that crap is. Think about “child” support. Think about Vaginamony. So, yeah: she is patently full of sarcasm, but it is empty and meaningless.

    My comment: This last comment is so absurd and offensive I hate to give it any time at all. Yes women are underpaid. Yes women are raped when someone touches us sexually and we do not give them permission. This also happens to men and is equally not okay. Domestic violence is a real problem, often men battering women, but also happens in male couples, female couples, and by women toward men. It is a violation of rights and a way for one person to control another. I won’t continue: the rest of the comment speaks for itself about how ignorant the commenter is.

    EvilsOfFeminism 8 months ago
  • Many layers of wit here!! Simple song but kinda exhausting mentally.

    My comment: Definitely a lot of wit. Interesting that it’s so exhausting to this person. Not sure why. Maybe if you’ve never thought about these things, I guess.

    rhov233 8 months ago
  • @Castaril You said it. That’s the whole problem. We are in a general sense different mentally, but we are also very adaptable. In Norway where I come from, we have the most equal society on earth. Still, women choose feminine work like healthcare(doctors and nurse) and men choose masculine work in the engineering/industry, in a higher degree than other countries.

    We are different, but for no better or worse all in all.

    My comment: We are different. There’s nothing wrong with that, but that doesn’t mean that men can’t work in healthcare, like being nurses or that women can’t be engineers- of course we can. So the “most equal society on earth” may not be as equal as you think if you are from there and believe that these fields are divided into masculine and feminine fields.

    rhov233 8 months ago
  • @lmcgee Because feminists base their entire ideology upon the notion that there exist no essential differences between men and women in terms of biology and behavior, but then contradict themselves when they act in accordance with gender roles.

    My comment: Of course there are differences between men and women. I wouldn’t be proud to be a woman if there weren’t. And yes we act within our gender roles at times, how could we not? The idea is we shouldn’t have to be confined to them. I shouldn’t have to wear make-up if I don’t want to. I shouldn’t be kept from being an engineer because I’m a woman. And men shouldn’t be kept from being teachers or nurses because they are men.

    Castaril 10 months ago
  • @Castaril people aren’t allowed to make themselves feel pretty? does everything they do have to be for other people? maybe she likes having blonde hair…

    My comment: I’m not sure what this comment was in reference to, but how she makes herself look is her business. She may naturally have blonde hair and then dyed it to further accentuate it or she may just dye it and who cares? Women don’t always dress for men. We dress how we want so we feel we look nice.  It may be within what society says looks nice or sexy, but we are a part of this society- we can’t completely separate from it, nor do we want to. In this society women are objectified, we do not objectify ourselves.

    lmcgee 10 months ago
  • Awesome feminist……deceptive (mischaracterizing others), incredibly self-righteous, and generally full of shit. Dumb broad.

    My comment: Sexist and ignorant. Anyone who calls a woman a “dumb broad” might also slap you for being a woman. Scary mindset.

    ActaNonVerba71 10 months ago
  • keeping feminist cunts in check: MANHOOD101. COM

    My comment: Look how people think. So sad. This is so anti-women, so misoyngistic, so scary. And saying this is “Manhood 101.” I might say, violent predator 101. Men who think like this have their sense of manhood very confused. Thinking like this is not about being a man at all.

    So, if this particular blog is indicative of me being a feminist and not having a sense of humor, maybe I don’t have one but it is definitely clear that there’s not much to laugh about when people are still insulting women and putting us down for being women, speaking up and for wanting rights.