This past weekend, I was fortunate enough to be able to go on a trip to San Francisco. On Saturday, I ended up in Macy’s at Union Square. My partner forgot his jacket and the air was a little cool so we went in to buy a jacket for him, realizing several floors up that the mens’ department was in a different building. Too late. We had already been accosted by perfume sales people and just  last week I had been thinking I would like some new perfume. I’m not a big perfume wearer, but we just moved to Austin, the land of heat and humidity, so I like a little artificial scent every now and then as I sweat through my days. The end of September and the temperature had been running at 103. So… when the saleswoman sprayed one of Jessica Simpson’s new fragrances on a card and showed me several other products that came with the perfume and the free purse and said if I bought it, I would also get to meet Jessica Simpson and then be given a gift bag, I decided I’d bite.

I didn’t really know anything about Jessica (we’re on a first name basis now) so in line to meet her, I was busy on my phone Googling her to learn what I could, in case I was asked a pop quiz question, like ‘who is she?’ I hadn’t realized she was a Republican who supported George Bush, who I didn’t like. I am definitely not a Republican and believe that Republicans generally don’t think women should have very many rights. When she was with Tony Romo, she took a dig at his ex, Carrie Underwood, by wearing a T-shirt that said “Real Girls Eat Meat.” Isn’t that what women often do, take digs at other women about the men, as if there were a scarcity of men. We’ve got to stop that crap, but that’s another blog entry for another day. And the dig at Carrie Underwood was anti-veggie. I’m a vegetarian. Well, now I eat seafood, a fishetarian. I’m not against anyone eating meat. I don’t eat meat because if people didn’t eat meat and there wasn’t mass production of meat, there would actually be enough grain based food to feed all the people of the world rather than just some people who can afford meat. But, knowing some of these things, would I have stood in line to meet her?

I loved her question: Is this chicken or tuna? about the Chicken of the Sea tunafish. Maybe she didn’t know. Maybe she did. Maybe it was a joke. I don’t know. Either way, it’s hilarious and really it’s a good question, I mean really, what does chicken of the sea even mean? Ridiculous and a little gross. She got hell for that though and was touted all over as a dumb blonde. Shocker. Her mother came forward and said she had a really high IQ but everyone else just says she’s dumb. Thank goodness for moms.

I shook her hand and didn’t have much to say or ask. And, no one quizzed me. She signed a photo of herself and gave it to me. I didn’t have a lot of time to evaluate her intelligence level.

Okay, so it comes down to this- Jessica Simpson is famous for being on TV and singing a few things and now she has products, some of which I own. The main thing I can see is that she’s pretty. She’s kind of like Barbie and that may be one of the main reasons she’s famous. Women have often been famous for their looks, though I suppose she has some other hidden talents there as well. She might not be my idol or even someone I would have been buddies with if we ran in the same circles, but she deserves respect, like all other women deserve respect. If us women start to also say she’s dumb and ridiculous, ultimately we’re just putting down ourselves. We don’t need to idolize her or say, ‘Oh poor Jessica’ but we can look at all women, famous or not and realize they’re just doing their thing. The negative stuff that we might consider to be pulling women down in society is actually society doing its magic to keep women in their place. So, there she was, Jessica Simpson, doing her thing, being famous for something, and that’s how it is and I met her.

Grrl Code: Let’s not put women down for being dumb or saying something stupid or for her opinions or what not. Let’s laugh it off. Putting down one woman is putting us all down.